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Countries: Costa Rica

As experts and benchmark providers in the Spanish ICT sector according to the main technological media rankings, we are always analyzing market trends to stay one step ahead and anticipate the needs of our clients. And, today, we are proud to affirm that we have the most advanced solutions in our sector, in areas such as mobility, cloud services, analytical solutions, collaborative social networks or document management, to name just some examples.

Crowd Intelligence

Countries: Costa Rica

At Crowd Intelligence, we believe that traditional models for implementing business management systems are no longer in force. We believe that we exist for our clients. We link experts and partners around the world, exploit the power of technology-leveraged relationships, and bring together everything you need: people, solutions, experience, knowledge, and tools.

Among our solutions you will find solutions such as:

  • Oracle Netsuite
  • SAP
  • E2C
  • Orders in seconds
  • Comfiar


Country: Colombia

EPI-USE emerges as a leader in the design, construction, integration and implementation of SAP Cloud, hybrid and on-premise solutions for large and complex multinational corporations. With a suite covering 34 countries, EPI-USE is the world's largest independent SAP payroll provider by country for regions where SAP does not offer a standard payroll solution.

EPI-USE Colombia has SAP Recognized Expertise certification in SAP SuccessFactors: Employee Central and Payroll Solutions, Recruiting and Onboarding, S / 4 HANA and is certified as Partner Center of Expertise.


Country: Costa Rica, Mexico.

We are a group of professionals from different specialties of administrative and computer science, who provide high-quality consulting services, harmonizing people, processes and technology. Our consulting model is based on providing value-added services that allow our clients to meet their strategic goals and objectives. Our associated administrative cost structure is less than that of transnational companies, which allows us to be more competitive in prices and conditions, without affecting the quality of services.

Bryk Innventa

Country: MEXICO

Company that offers customized and tailored administrative IT solutions for our clients, supported by a team of collaborators, allies and partners, to enhance business objectives.

FEG Outsourcing

Country: El Salvador

We are a company specialized in the innovation of outsourcing services, offering you different types of services in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAdministrative Outsourcing with extensive experience with transnational companies.

Our services allow your company a significant reduction and control of business operational costs, as well as a greater focus and concentration on its human talent..

ITOS Cloud

Country: Costa Rica

We are a company that provides the best solutions in cloud technology. We have a trained team that has managed with great experience to complete the most demanding needs of our clients. Our solutions are based on the best practices in the market and incorporating the characteristics of each of our clients.

We have fully integrated platforms and 100% in the cloud, to allow companies not to lose their business focus.


Country: Panama

PFC EVOLUTION is an innovative entrepreneurial initiative, born from the combined experiences of various professionals in the areas of business development, technical consulting, project management and core businesses in different markets.

We offer a series of application solutions that have been conceptualized, designed and optimized for the core of the fiduciary business and developments aimed at mobile products, management applications and process support, among which stand out digital account statements, administration systems, payroll and human capital management, business intelligence models and tools for the financial and insurance sector.


Country: Dominican Republic

At "RDEConsultores, SRL" we have a range of products and services to provide our clients with technological tools that respond effectively to business processes, reduce operating costs and guarantee the stability and availability of the technological structure, according to It is established by best practices in IT administration and controls.

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