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We are a company with more than 20 years of experience, dedicated to the provision of Consulting Services, Consulting, and Development of Administrative Applications, with extensive and proven experience in the areas of Information Systems and Database Administration, always covered by cutting-edge technologies with Oracle tools, under a service scheme based on the principle of productivity, addressing each of our commitments with responsibility and mystique of work.


Produce innovative administrative systems that support a comprehensive and efficient solution, with a qualified professional team, guaranteeing value with updating due to legal, fiscal and technological changes, increasing the productivity and profitability of our clients.


To be recognized at the Latin American level for offering an adequate integral solution to provide regional shared services, seeking the continuous growth of our collaborators, so that the support is always of quality and continuous innovation.

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Management Policy

At LEGADMI we are dedicated to producing administrative software solutions *, providing training and timely technical support to our clients. Our solution is Latin American in scope, with minimum implementation times and update guarantee in the event of any legal, fiscal and technological change; with the support of specialized professionals. We seek the growth of our collaborators in adherence to our values. We guarantee compliance with the requirements applicable to our operations, We are committed to innovation and continuous improvement in every way, as a pillar to achieve our vision.

(*) Payroll, HR, Finance, Accounting, Manufacturing, Marketing and Administration of Condominiums

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