Regional Personnel System (RPS)

The payroll and human resources solution that has been implemented in 19 Latin American countries, in compliance with the legal and fiscal requirements of each country.



Employees File


Profit Share

Christmas bonuses


Discounts Prioritization



Digital File

Accounting Integration

Biometric Integration

Labor Trajectory

Letter Generator

Gross up

Family Register


Recruitment and Staff Selection



Handbooks and Procedures


Interactive Reports (Ad hoc)

Simplify your operation and unify your payroll processes with an ideal solution for shared service center

100% responsive web on Oracle technology

Easy and flexible configuration to adapt to any company

Multi country, Multi currency, Multi company and Multi branch.

Integration with other systems.

Minimum requirement of technical staff

A single solution for all payroll and human resources processes

Consultation of historical information instantly.


Ease of creating custom reports and charts.

99.99% availability

Basic support that guarantees updates due to legal requirements without additional costs.

Automatic backups and information security.

  • Weekly, biweekly, biweekly, monthly pays with or without advance.
  • Control of indefinite and fixed-term contracts.
  • Organizational structure with definable hierarchies and cost centers.
  • Parameterizable to any labor law in Latin America, collective contracts, union benefits and internal policies.
  • Extra payments outside of Payroll periods.
  • Calculation and control of days of disability.
  • Approval flow for vacations and concepts according to the different levels required.
  • Massive or individual increases.
  • Calculation of direct and indirect costs, as well as provisions, employer contributions, etc.
  • Prioritization of discounts.
  • Custom accounting distribution.
  • Issuance of payment receipts by mail.
  • Extraction of government and bank files.
  • Retroactive Calculation.
  • PDF reports, payroll comparisons, interactive reports, charts, management of multiple filters.
  • Download reports to Excel, PDF, HTML and Mail.
  • Consolidation of information at the regional level.
  • Dashboard.


  • Expired, cumulative and cumulative daily vacations, control of days pending enjoyment, either total or partial.
  • Chronological control for causation periods.
  • Advancement of up to 1 year of vacation.


  • Consultation of all historical information even after the employment relationship is ended.
  • Calculation for termination of the employment relationship according to the different causes according to the legislation of each country.
  • Payment receipt for the liquidation process as legal support for the company.


  • Calculation of Christmas bonuses, Christmas bonus, tenth third or fourth.
  • Flexibility of calculation methods. Advance payments and final.
  • Based on days worked, accrued average, total accrued, etc.


  • Automatic loan servicer, with or without interest, whether bank, mortgage, company, liens.
  • Automatic payroll discounts with balance control. Module for registering extraordinary payments to the loan.
  • Control of loans with creditors.
  • File generation for creditors.
  • Loan amortization report.


  • Process for calculating all the company's labor liabilities as of a specific date.


  • Accounting integration, through flat files, to any accounting system.
  • Interactive accounting entry reports.


  • Standard structure for integration to brand watches or biometric controls.
  • Automatic calculation of absenteeism and overtime.
  • Historical information of the personal trajectory in the company.
  • Positions or occupied positions.
  • Personnel movements according to organizational structure (Direction, Management and Departments).
  • General history of occupations, level of classification.
  • Salary History.
  • Registry of country-specific information for government reports and income tax calculations.
  • Automatic contract renewals.
  • Intercompany transfers.
  • Digital file with option to attach any file.
  • Massive uploads of personnel files.
  • Registration of languages ​​and professions.
  • Family registration.
  • Customizable interactive reports.
  • Control of endowments, such as electronic equipment, work materials and uniforms.
  • Record of the sizes of the workers.
  • Control for the replacement of endowments.
  • Request for endowments by the worker.
  • Control of endowments to return.
  • Returns and reposition reports.
  • Exclusive portal for uploading the curriculum summary by the applicants.
  • Portal for updating the curriculum summary by the applicant.
  • Definition of optional fields in the curricular summary load.
  • Consultation of open vacancies.
  • Consult the description of specific charges.
  • Notifications during the different phases of the process.
  • Definition of recruiter by requisition.
  • Candidate searches by multiple criteria and filters.
  • Control of the selection phases, with the possibility of attaching any document.
  • History of interviewed candidates.
  • Application requisition from any mobile device through self-management.
  • Indicators of monitoring the recruitment process.
  • Enter the payroll quickly just by adding the hiring details.
  • Define your courses, instructors and costs.
  • Programming and control of internal and external courses.
  • Definition of the minimum courses by levels, by positions or by worker.
  • Planning and monitoring of course scheduling
  • Report of Diagnosis of Training Needs (DNC).
  • Collaborator historical courses report.
  • Maintain training history
  • Determine training needs for positions, levels and personal projection.
  • Types of courses, segments, modules.
  • Planning and management of training plans.
  • Control of training costs
  • Training management.
  • Perform salary tabulation
  • Issuance of internal training certificates.
  • Training Management Indicators.
  • Module to carry out fully digital performance evaluations.
  • Climax, 90 180, 270, and 360 degree evaluations.
  • Custom made template, according to your own criteria and score.
  • Automatic calculation of the results of the evaluations.
  • Interactive reports according to how you want to show the information (graphs, breaks, highlight
  • Maintain the history of evaluation results for each collaborator and rating obtained.
  • Definition of multiple evaluation templates by classification level and evaluation degrees (0 °, 90 °, 180 °, 270 ° 360 °).
  • Templates classified by sections, factors and alternatives to factors with their respective weighted value.
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation factors.
  • Type factors: selection, qualification with rank validations and development.
  • Planning of evaluations, definition of evaluators and evaluated.
  • Document management tool.
  • Creation of folders and documents for workers to download.
  • Information restriction according to performance area, position or worker.
  • Availability of download from any mobile device.
  • Module for consulting and downloading payroll results, in addition to the employee's receipt or payment slip.
  • Consultation module for active and historical employee loans.
  • Screen with the employee's file including the image, all the information on personal data, sizes, address data, family work record, professionals, courses, work history. You can also calculate your body mass index.
  • Module for consulting and requesting vacations.
  • Module to consult and request supplies such as electronic equipment, uniforms, work tools.
  • Module for requesting personnel requisitions, you can create a requisition approval flow before it reaches the recruitment area.
  • Module to check the status of the requisition request made.
  • Module to carry out the approvals of assists, concepts, vacations and requisitions of personnel.
  • Module with graphical dashboard indicators and reports such as turnover rate, total employees, income and staff expenses by region, age and seniority, descriptive analysis and correlations of the factors associated with the seniority of employment in the context of the company .
  • Module to perform performance evaluations.
  • Module for consulting and downloading different documents that the organization makes available to collaborators.
  • Module for the request of different letters or certifications that the collaborator requires
  • Module for loading medical licenses or disabilities.
  • Module for loading assistance and movement concepts, either by the collaborators themselves or by the department heads or supervisors.



AFIP, Book of Wages and Wages, Book of Remuneration, Sworn Statement, Withholdings.


Details AFP, Ministry of Labor, Disabilities, Details of Contributions, Payment of Contributions, File Withholding Tax.


DIRF, Employment Contract, CAGED, RAIS, MANAD, SEFIG, FGTS, IR PF Declaration, Last 48 salaries, IBGE, Pesquisa Legal, TRCT.


PREVIRED, Detail Payments AFP, ISAPRES, Tax Certificate, Legal Book Tax Wages.


Parafiscales, PILA File, Dian Certificate, Unemployment, Fund Affiliates, Bank Entity Files.

Costa Rica

CCSS, SICERE, File and Report payments to INS, Tax Withholdings, Annual Tax Declaration.


File and IESS Report, File MRL, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Utilities, Income Statement Report, File (XML) Income Statement.

El Salvador

Income Withholding Report, ISSS Quotation Form, AFP Reports, Annual Income Report.


IGSS, Monthly Withholdings, Bantrab Remittance, Decoration Ticket, Book of Wages, Accruals and Withholdings.


IHSS, Neighborhood Tax, Annual Withholding Declaration, FOSOVI, Monthly Withholdings.


Annual Report IR Payment, SAIRI, INSS, IR Liquidation.


SUA, INFONAVIT, IMSS, CFDI, SAT, Utilities Factor, Proof of Wages and Withholdings, Annual Tax Adjustment, Integrated Daily Salary.


Unemployment Funds, CSS Contributions, SYSMECA / SIPE, 13th Form, Withholding Certificate, Income Tax Contributions.


File IPS, Salaries and Wages, Employees and Workers Registry, Employed Personnel, Minors Registry, Vacation Registry, Overtime.


Social Security Contributions, Withholding Certificate, Electronic Return, AFP NET, File RTPS, CTS Certificate, Sworn Declaration, Utilities, Min Work.

Puerto Rico

FICA, Medicare, FUTA, SUTA, 401K Retirement Plan, COBRA.

Dominican Republic

Family Health Insurance SFS, AFP, ISR, DGT2, DGT3, DGT4, INFOTEP, Pascual Regalia, TSS Social Security Treasury.


Contributions from the Social Welfare Bank, BPS payment.


Social Security Contributions, Withholding Certificate, Electronic Return, AFP NET, File RTPS, CTS Certificate, Sworn Declaration, Utilities, Min Work.

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