We offer different tools to automate administrative processes called Legadmi Business Suite.

Our Suite

Legadmi Business Suite

RPS Payroll and Human Resources

Legadmi RPS is the payroll software that your organization needs to automate regional operations, no matter how many branches or in how many countries of Latin America.

SAC Condominium Management

Legadmi SAC is a software for administration of condominiums, buildings and shopping centers or any real estate organization with shared cost distribution. It does not matter if it is the first time that you manage a condominium (private, housing complex, subdivision, building, etc.) or if you are an expert administrator, the administration system allows you to register and consult all the information required to manage an efficient condominium and protect the value of your real estate investment.

SGF Financial Management System

Legadmi SGF is the software for financial-accounting management, where you can consolidate all operations at the accounting and financial level. It helps manage every aspect of your operation by providing access to business information in real time and with the ease of being able to manage your own reports.

Availability of information from any device with Internet

We use our experience to provide you with enterprise-class security technology.

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Can Legadmi solutions be used on mobile devices?

All Legadmi solutions are 100% Web Responsive, this means that they adapt to the size of the device and are deployed from any Web browser.

What certifications or certificates does Legadmi have?

We have a quality management system with which all the organization's processes are standardized under the ISO 9001-2015 standard.

What are the recommended browsers to deploy the solutions?

The certified browsers for the use of the solutions are Google Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. Our recommendation is to use Google Chrome as the first option.

In what technology is the Legadmi Business Suite developed?

Our tools are developed in Oracle technology, from the database to the user interface is 100% Oracle technology.

How can Legadmi solutions be purchased?

We have two commercial models, the traditional licensing or On Premise, in which the client contributes the infrastructure, and it is required to acquire the Oracle and Legadmi licenses. The second model is under our SaaS, which is based on a monthly payment where all the licenses and infrastructure necessary to operate are already included.

Where is the information found when implemented under a SaaS model?

Legadmi uses Microsoft Azure services for the storage of our clients' information under the SaaS modality. We use the data center in the eastern United States.

What is the backup and security scheme for customer information?

All solutions have an automatic scheduled task which generates a complete backup and is stored in another physical location. For our clients in SaaS mode, we offer local redundancy, in which the full backups of the virtual machine are replicated in 2 different locations within the same data center. These backups run automatically at 2:00 am GMT-06.

How many countries have implemented the Payroll and Human Resources RPS solution

Legadmi's RPS solution has been implemented in 19 Latin American countries. Currently we have completely migrated to the new version the following countries: Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. The rest of countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Puerto Rico and Uruguay, they require an update to only migrate the government parameters and reports that remain in force.

Can payment vouchers generated by the payroll system be sent by email?

Yes, we have the option to send payment vouchers in bulk or individually to workers' emails. We also have the option so that the active collaborators of the organization can consult and download, at any time, through the Self-Management module, the historical payment vouchers.

What is the basic support offered by Legadmi?

Our support is a basic 8 × 5 service which is 100% remote, our innovation center in Costa Rica is in charge of attending to requests through phone calls or through tools such as Skype and Zoom. The basic support provides coverage for any application failure, and for any change at the legal, tax or business practice level that impacts new developments, these adjustments or developments must be made by Legadmi at no additional cost to the client , ensuring the validity of the tool for the different processes.

Complete the information requested to obtain a user of our Self-management tool. With this you can enter the tool and manage different information as if you were a collaborator of the organization.