Success stories

Cafe Rey

"We valued about 6 solutions and none came anywhere near the full Legadmi option, not only at payroll level, but also for Human Resources."

Technology Manager

INCAE Business Suite

“It is a robust and flexible platform that simplifies integration with the Microsoft Dynamics GP program that we use as an ERP. Furthermore, it is completely transparent so that our ERP is on Windows while running the Legadmi solution on Linux and Oracle ».

Technology Director

Job Solutions

"At Legadmi, the implementation and application processes are accompanied by excellent customer service, our queries are answered quickly enough and that is a value that for us as a company weighs heavily"

Shared Service Center Manager


"Self-management solves the constant queries of our collaborators."

Human resources manager


"It has allowed us to centralize processes, standardize them, carry out best practices and optimize the company's resources."

International Director of Communications and Corporate Affairs


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